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CHIC  /SHēk/

(adj.) elegantly and stylishly fashionable

Chic on the Cheap is a collection of talented interior designers who not only value the process of building strong relationships with our homeowners, contractors, and vendors, but thrive on taking a thoughtful approach to the design and remodeling process.  While most firms charge you a mark up on goods and services, we do not.  We believe in your money going into your home, not into our pockets.  We apply smart strategies to the decision making process and carefully weigh the pros and cons of each decision to give you a sophisticated, tailored, and well thought out design. On top of our exceptional taste and design acumen, being mindful of your investment is what sets us apart from the typical design firm.

Driven by transparency • Fueled by creativity

What You Can Expect

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Our Passion

  • Space planning
  • Finish selections and color schemes
  • Furniture plans & selections
  • Tile drawings & selections
  • Electrical layouts and details
  • Project management
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  • Client communication using the latest technologies.
  • We work tirelessly to communicate with the contractors, vendors and subcontractors to make sure things are done right.
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  • We thrive on full service projects but we believe interior design should be affordable for everyone so we offer the 1-hour consultation for only $200.
  • We never charge a mark up on goods or services.

Founder / Designer

I live by- ‘You have to always be watching for opportunity’.

When the market started to crash in 2007, opportunity presented itself.  A friend told me that a house in his neighborhood just came on the market and it had “Mark Dalton” written all over it. I wasn’t in the market for a house; I saw the proverbial writing on the wall, but went and looked anyway. Two days later, the house was mine. The offer I made was accepted and the note was immediately approved, all signs I was doing something right.

Previously when the market was high and my career was strictly high-end (Mark Dalton Inc.), I made smart financial decisions; my condo, my car and my rental properties were all paid off.  That allowed me to take this opportunity and I began remodeling my new abode.  The Herald-Tribune got wind of this and did a story on my process. Because I was incorporating high-end finishes and design at my house on a modest budget; they entitled the story “Chic on the Cheap”. Voila, a business was born from this endeavor.

At the same time, Jill’s Atlanta employer downsized and she moved back to Sarasota, her hometown.  Jill’s mother had read the article about my remodel and suggested she call to inquire about a job.  The rest is history. We currently have 5 talented designers, have been featured in the newspaper 25 times and have countless reviews on Houzz.  Chic on the Cheap is a well-respected firm in the Sarasota community not only by our clients but by the people we collaborate with to execute unique spaces.

While people may scoff at the name of our company and associate us with a low-end design, they are missing the mark.  Our business is about being smart and savvy design professionals who are mindful of your money.  When considering a chair that costs $50 from Ikea or $3,000 from Design Within Reach, it is not about the price tag, it is about what is right for YOU and how you want to live in your home; regardless of the price point.

This company is not just about me.  It’s about raising the bar for the interior design profession.  It’s about mentoring fresh designers to find their voice, learn the ropes and become savvy business people and design professionals.

Senior Designer & Team



Interior design for dining room


One Hour In Home Consultation $200

What’s included:

  • Recommendations and suggestions for your home
  • Help with space planning and furniture layout
  • Assist with color choices
  • A typewritten plan to keep all of those ideas organized!

Get your design questions ready and we will give you the answers!

(Pricing may vary outside of our home area)

Thinking of buying a home but need help seeing its potential? We offer a $200 Home Buyer Preview!

We come to the property BEFORE you buy it and give you advice on what you can do to improve it and a rough idea of the cost. Mark has been previewing his personal client’s properties for years but NOW we offer this service to everyone!


Design à la carte

What’s included:

• $175 per hour (15 hour minimum).

• Our designers will meet with you to advise on all details of your construction or decorating project.

• This is the best option if you are not doing a whole house renovation.

• Hourly rate includes travel time and design work independent of meetings with client.

• There is no mark up on products or construction services.

• The project length and expiration date of the hours will be discussed prior to starting the project.

Kitchen design
bedroom and selections


Flat rate design

What’s included:
All inclusive rate that is based on the size of the project. Most interior design firms mark-up EVERYTHING – the contractor, the electrician, the plumber, the wallpaper, the fabrics, and so on – whether you know it or not. We do NONE of that. YOU pay ALL of the bills directly and we do not charge a mark-up on anything. This is what, in addition to our exceptional taste, sets us apart from the rest…


$350 Paint Color Consultations

This 90-minute consultation will focus on selecting the best colors to support your desired aesthetic for your interior spaces. Amanda’s understanding of color & undertones assist you in avoiding costly mistakes.

As a True Color Expert ™, Amanda believes every color in the rainbow has potential for beauty and glamour. She is excited about her clients’ inspiration and the opportunity to bring it to fruition. Whether your taste is pastels or strong vibrate colors, let’s make it so you’re proud to say this is your space!

Upon the final selections, your decisions will be immediately forwarded to you and your painter.

This consultation is designed for homeowners looking to personalize their new-builds or refresh current homes, or for realtors looking for help with their challenging listings!

True Colour Expert

Color consultation


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242 South Washington Boulevard #118

Sarasota, Florida 34236

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