by mark dalton


CHIC  /SHēk/

(adj.) elegantly and stylishly fashionable

We are NOT about anything that has to do with CHEAP or doing things cheaply. What we ARE about is spending money WISELY.   When most firms charge you a mark-up (whether you know it or not) on every purchase you make (ie. contractor, electrician, plumbers, wallpaper hangers, wallpaper, fabrics, window treatments, and so on and so forth), we do NOT. When we charge you for our service YOU are paying JUST FOR OUR SERVICE. That fact, on top of our exceptional taste and design acumen, is what sets us apart from every other interior design firm.




$100 Custom Interior Design Plan

Personal in-home consultation

A written Comprehensive Interior Design Plan (CIDP)

Recommendations on your home design

Get your list of questions ready and we’ll give you the answers!

*Additional fees may apply to areas outside of our home counties


Thinking of buying a house but need help seeing it’s potential?  We offer a $100 Home Buyer Preview.  We come to the property BEFORE you buy it and give you advice on what you can do to improve it and a rough idea of the cost.  Mark has been previewing his personal client’s properties for years but  NOW we offer this service to everyone.


Design à la carte

$150 per hour

Hourly rate includes travel time and design work independent of meetings with client

Our designers meet with you to review purchases, color choices, furniture layout, etc.

This is the best option if you are not doing a whole house renovation.

Yes, no mark-up on anything here either!


Flat rate design

All inclusive rate that is based on the size of the project.  Most interior design firms mark-up EVERYTHING – the contractor, the electrician, the plumber, the wallpaper, the fabrics, and so on – whether you know it or not.  We do NONE of that. YOU pay ALL of the bills directly and we do not charge a mark-up on anything. This is what, in addition to our exceptional taste, sets us apart from the rest…


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