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Successful design is intrinsically personal. Whether you are building a new custom home, remodeling your own place or simply switching up the décor, your life often acts as the inspiration for the perfect space. Beyond the wall, floor and appliance choices, your home can reflect those people and places important to you; and whatever is special can be utilized as the central concept of your design.

One room where this idea works particularly well is in the master bedroom. More so than any other room, the master is a haven, an escape at the end of a long day. This space signifies peace, serenity and relaxation for most people; therefore it is no surprise that a personal “happy place” is often utilized as the inspiration for design.

Master Bedrooms – Creating a Sanctuary

When designer Jill Geisdorf of Chic on the Cheap decided to redesign her own master bedroom, her thoughts turned to one of her own favorite places – the Adirondack mountains.

The Sarasota native was accustomed to the tropical beauty of the Gulf Coast, but was introduced to paradise of another kind by her husband, who had grown up at his family’s mountain camp. Jill fell in love with the long sunny days on the lake, the lazy afternoons watching wildlife, the long mountain hikes and the end-of-day campfires. “After putting our son to bed at night, we would sit on the front porch and watch the sunset over the mountains”, Jill shares. “It dawned on me that the peace and happiness I experienced in the Adirondacks was the perfect design concept for my own bedroom renovation.”

The color palette Jill chose was reminiscent of the mountain landscape at sunset – deep forest greens and watercolor blues, with light pink, orange and purple hues lingering in the last moments of the day. She incorporated the muted pastel shades from the sunset by choosing the perfect understated rug, and selected accent pillows to compliment the look. Retro glam wooden nightstands with brass accents nodded to a simpler time; while pulling in the unique brass lighting fixtures illuminating the space. Plants placed around the room were augmented by the palms just outside the windows to give the sense of being surrounded by – and at one with – nature.


Inspired bedroom design

photo courtesy of Chic on the Cheap


When one of Chic on the Cheap’s clients wanted to recreate the feel and vibe of their favorite “happy place” escape, the designers looked to a winter chalet, offering a warm and cozy respite after a long day on the slopes. The ski lodge-inspired design begins with natural slate floors and stacked stone drawing in the terrain of the mountains, and utilizes deep, rich tones intended to evoke feelings of warmth and a cup of hot cocoa on the couch. One can almost imagine a fresh snowfall while relaxing against a plush, full height headboard and surrounded by soft drapes and sheers – even as the Sarasota beach sunset takes place just outside.


beautiful bedroom design

photo courtesy of Chic on the Cheap

For many people it is Sarasota itself which is the happiest place of all. Our perfect climate, pristine white sandy beaches and waterfront lifestyle inspire truly beautiful design, as seen in the renovation of this downtown condo. The clients wanted to capture the cultural sophistication of the city in their main pieces, while adding accents which paid homage to the beach vibe of the area. This room showcases a simple design truism – the best way to create a feeling of “place” is through the addition of creative accessories. Marine life artwork and unique driftwood sculptures remind of the proximity of crystalline waters; and the rug’s shades of blue, aquamarine and gold shimmer like the Gulf drenched in sunlight. The color palette is complete with sandy colored drapes and headboard, and the perfect shade of peaceful blue paint on the walls (in this case, Sherwin Williams Polar Ice.) The overall effect is so effective, you can almost hear the waves on the shore.


inspired bedroom design

photo courtesy of Chic on the Cheap

Caption: photo courtesy of Chic on the Cheap


In our busy world, relaxation and serenity can be elusive – but with a little creativity, it can be found right in your own home. Chic on the Cheap can help you to create a sanctuary which immerses you into your happy place, every night. Great design does not have to be complicated or expensive – it simply needs to be inspired.

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