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Sarasota downtown is eclectic, stylish, trendy, and vibrant – in our opinion, there is no better place to call home. From 5-star restaurants to professional theater and boutique shopping, Sarasota offers a lifestyle unlike any other on the Gulf Coast. The real estate market is exploding, and condo construction is keeping up the pace.  Location and views make a Sarasota condo the carefree choice, with one notable drawback – interior design.

By design, condos can be a bit nondescript and unremarkable. Neutral backdrops provide a blank slate for new owners to make their mark and infuse their own personal style. Although paint colors are a quick and easy fix for the standard condo unit, there are other creative design ideas that can transform your new condo space.

The Vue: Bathroom Design

The Vue is known as one of Sarasota’s premier residential choices, but a new unit provided the bare basics in bathroom design. Two incandescent light bulbs were located over each sink, providing only functional illumination. However, with just a little love and a few key additions, Chic on the Cheap created a tailored and sophisticated renovation. “We added subtle wallpaper, custom vertical mirrors, and dramatic lighting,” shares Chic on the Cheap’s Jill Geisdorf. “The combination of these three easy changes completely transformed the entire look of the bathroom, from basic to contemporary. ”

Condo vanity

The shower’s brand-new tile provided an excellent base but was a bit bland for the client’s liking. To get the unique look the client was looking for, the designers added a frosted film to the clear glass shower enclosure. This small change accomplished several objectives. The film added needed privacy, provided separation from the rest of the bathroom – and even added a touch of personal whimsy to the space.

Condo bathroom

Creating Downtown Urban Flair

Some of the older downtown condos require updating, but fundamental cosmetic changes are often not dramatic enough for many of our clients. When this condo resident desired a continuous, lofty ceiling height from the front door to the patio, the answer was to uncover and expose the working mechanics of the space. The result was the urban flair, which is characteristic of many big-city condo units – but rarely found within the charm and close-knit community of Sarasota.

Condo living area

Sometimes infusing personality into a builder-grade condo is achieved by going back to design basics. When spaces are small, you may think that the repetition of an element or finish might overwhelm the space. On the contrary, creatively utilizing an existing material can add unity and depth, expanding the feel of the space and making it more interesting. “In this case, we installed wood flooring on the dining room wall,” Jill shares. “This unexpected application of a common material added a unique visual impact and showcased the owner’s artwork. The addition of a banquette provided the functionality the room required without stealing valuable square footage from the living and dining space.”

Condo great room

Without a doubt, living downtown is one of the best residential options in Sarasota. But if the standard, boxy condo doesn’t fit your unique design style, a renovation is the perfect way to distinguish your home-sweet-home from your neighbor’s place. From subtle additions to dramatic remodels, the team at Chic on the Cheap are the Sarasota interior design experts who understand your vision – and stay within your budget.

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