Choosing Paint: Which White is Right?

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white comparison swatch

White comparison swatch

For those who don’t work in the interior design business, white paint may not seem very exciting. In fact, it may seem a bit boring and unimaginative – but nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is, white paint comes in a broad spectrum of shades. Select the wrong one, and you may unexpectedly find your walls looking a bit yellow, pink or beige. This is because most “white” paint has a slight tinge to it, and placing it behind colorful pillows or against a vibrant rug will cause those hues to show themselves. Colors work in combination, and white is no exception. When it comes to design, which shade of white you choose can make all the difference to your overall look.

True White is a Smart Choice

The professional designers at Chic on the Cheap understand that there is nothing more design friendly than true white. This paint is reflective, meaning that all of the colors utilized in the rest of the room will remain pure and unaltered. The white walls themselves will not appear to lose their clean look; while colors utilized in furniture, artwork, accessories and accent pieces stand out as they should.

Designer Tip: Jill Geisdorf has worked with clients who exhibited many different styles, but claims that true white is the right choice in nearly every situation. Not only that, painting your walls authentic white is actually one of the most affordable design changes which you can make in your own home.

Which White is Right for You?

In order to choose the perfect white for your home and style, take the experts’ advice for some of the best available. These are 5 of our favorites.

  1. Benjamin Moore White Dove: If you are looking for a friendly space which greets your guests and makes them feel welcome, this is a popular designer choice. The slightest bit of yellow invites you in and makes you feel at home, making this white the perfect choice for your casual lifestyle.
    Benjamin Moore White Dove Kitchen Dining

    Benjamin Moore White Dove in kitchen dining area

  2. Sherwin Williams Extra White: The slightest hint of cool blue gives this hue its ultra-clean look. The walls will look spotless and freshly scrubbed, sure to please even the pickiest of homeowners. If you are a minimalist. Hate clutter, and keep things sleek – this is a great choice.
  3. Behr Ultra Pure White. This warm white gets its neutral tone from the vaguest hint of tan undertones. The shade doesn’t demand attention but instead is unapologetically authentic, quiet and unassuming. Choose this shade to create the perfect backdrop for your art, photography, or personal mementos.
    Behr Ultra Pure White great room

    Behr Ultra Pure White in living area

  4. Benjamin Moore Simply White: Sophisticated and elegant, this white has the slightest touch of cream to warm things up. The hue is effortless, timeless and gracious; perfect for a home that exudes class without even trying.
  5. Benjamin Moore Decorators White: This white is sharp and crisp, giving your home a tailored look as becoming as a new suit or great pair of shoes. The gray undertone is classic and makes everything else in your home look even better. Dress up your home in style with this elegant choice.

Now that you know that white paint shades are so versatile, you may be ready to do a little renovating and redecorating yourself. Understanding the undertones of the white paint you utilize can allow you to make smart design and color decisions for everything else in the room. Not sure which is best? Hold up color swatches to paint chips to see how the shades interact – or call the experts at Chic on the Cheap. Our commitment to expert design for affordable prices is just as refreshing as a clean, white wall.

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