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kitchen with marble

We all want our homes to be beautiful, but the high-end design isn’t in everyone’s budget. Or is it? Chic on the Cheap has cultivated a dedicated following in Sarasota based on our reputation for creating gorgeous designer spaces within a reasonable budget. At any price point, creative techniques and insider knowledge can result in upscale spaces and a sophisticated home.

Carrera Marble Within Your Budget

Carrera marble and travertine represent the ultimate in luxury and high style. As a homeowner, you cannot go wrong by choosing to utilize these natural materials in your home design. After all, other trends in tile come and go, but marble will always be a classic choice.

If you are looking to renovate your home with timeless sophistication and beauty, check out our top 5 tips for using Carrera marble as the basis of your design – even on a moderate budget.

1. Consider Different Size Tiles: Both pictured bathroom projects utilized floor-to-ceiling Carrera marble. However, the price of the renovation was cut by nearly 50% by merely choosing 12-by-12 tiles instead of 24-by-24 tiles. While the difference may be noticeable for experts, most homeowners will never know the difference – and neither will your guests.

bathroom with marble

Bathroom with marble

2. Create a Focal Point: If you want to use Carrera marble or travertine but can’t afford to do so throughout the entire space, consider creating an eye-catching focal point. By covering a small vanity, transforming the listello in the shower, or highlighting one wall, you can add the air of elegance at a fraction of the cost.

3. Be Practical: You may not think of practicality when choosing luxury finishes, but there are situations where you can refrain from using marble. For instance, even a sealed countertop can be stained with red wine or orange juice. Showcasing the marble tile as a backsplash still provides the aesthetic appeal without the day-to-day reality of keeping the surface looking its best. Also, you may be able to find marble mosaics on mesh backings at a much more reasonable price than traditional marble tiles. Don’t be afraid to check the pricing at big box stores!

4. Search for Closeouts and Bargains: To free up budget dollars for items such as Carrera marble and designer travertine, look for deals elsewhere. Costco and Home Depot often have beautiful fixtures; online stores can cut out the middleman or offer knockoffs of famous designers, and local wholesalers such as Sarasota’s Floor and Decor can provide unique products at lower prices. This town also has multiple consignment and estate shops, which are not only fun to explore but often yield amazing treasures.

5. Go Ahead and Splurge: Although this is a blog about saving money, sometimes your home is worth the expense. If your heart is set on the beauty of Carrera tile and nothing else will do, contact an experienced Sarasota interior designer. They can help you to get the best possible pricing. Then go for it! You’ll never regret a beautiful home designed exactly the way you want it. Purchase the tile, and utilize the rest of your budget wisely.

Chic on the Cheap combines professional, high-end design with affordable pricing – allowing you to have the home of your dreams. Call today for a consultation – because we believe that everyone deserves great design.

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