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Getting back to the roots (not the band, though I think they are amazing…way to go @Jimmy Fallon!), I thought I would go back to how we began, and write about a design decision that was sparked out of a conversation that occurred during a consultation this week!  Let me set the stage for you…


It was a cold, winters’ night, the dew settling onto the grass, crystallizing into beautiful embers of sparkling radiance, as the sun began to rise, peaking over the rooftops with a soft light that invokes a sense of calm, in preparation of the new day.  As I am pondering the beauty that is surrounding me…I suddenly snap back to realty from my daydream, remembering that I am supposed to be setting the stage for the home in question from above! (Just having a bit of fun this Saturday morning 😉 ).  Well, back to it!


The home was like many, when you enter, you have a foyer, formal dining, and formal living, separated with a section of wall which leads into the kitchen and family room.  Many times, our inclination would be to take the wall completely out, and open up the entire space however, in this case, I found that it would be better for the design (and use for the homeowners) to leave it.  The caveat… we needed to “trim the fat”, so to speak.  The wall included a built-in, drywall pantry, and an angled wall with an arched opening so you could see through from the formal living space to the breakfast area, but you couldn’t walk through to that space.  You had to go around near the dining room.  Since the owner needed additional storage, an area for a dry bar, with the request to open up the space, we came up with a plan.  Let’s remove the arched opening and knee wall below, remove the built in pantry and add cabinets.  By eliminating the built-in, we could now utilize the length of the wall, add two cabinet pantries (to increase storage), with upper/lower cabinets in between for a dry bar, and by opening up the arched pass through, we in turn helped the flow of the space (no longer only one way to get to the back of the house!).


All of this to say, sometimes the design may merit leaving a wall (or at least part of it), like in this photo!


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