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Whilst on a hunt, of sorts, for a potential subject for this week’s topic of discussion, I began down a path that started with home colors but led to a rabbit hole (no mad hatters here!) of a philosophy for design pulled directly from the pages of history.  I find myself attracted to historical subjects (hence the stroll along this path), especially when it pertains to design, as I feel there is much to learn from the greats of days gone by.  Thus our conversation begins about the matter.


Many of their approaches to design have been forgotten, much to the chagrin of modern design practices, which makes it even more important to study.  It’s because of this that I do think that our contemporary state of affairs would benefit from a resurgence of some of the design practices of old, so I thought we would have a brief chat about one of them!  Now that I have been completely mysterious in my introduction, on to the subject at hand!


Organic Architecture (or Design)!


The word organic is a term that has been overused or even misused as it pertains to the category of design, but it is a term that Frank Lloyd Wright based his design aesthetic around.  I am intrigued by Mr. Wright’s philosophy about organic design.  His approach (as stated in an essay by Kimberly Elman on pbs.org)… “Organic Architecture is a reinterpretation of nature’s principles as they had been filtered through the intelligent minds of men and women who could then build forms which are more natural than nature itself”.   Organic as a design philosophy, creates an understanding of forms and the materials used to create them, by combining intellect WITH creativity (they are not mutually exclusive), and with this understanding of composition, the final product will ultimately be a form that elevates design beyond the “nature” of it!  What a thing to say!


Too often we see the two matters as separate entities…intellect and creativity, engineers and artists.  Well…hopefully not any longer!


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(A delightful morsel of one of Mr. Wright’s great designs, courtesy of our friendly Google search engine!)

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