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You may have noticed a recent resurgence of black and white in design (and the 50 shades of gray in between 😉 )…it’s not because it is coming back, it’s because it never left!  Speaking of left…where does that leave you?  Many of us got stuck jumping on board the beige bandwagon years ago, and now we are “left” with a space that is not as fresh and exciting as we had hoped.  So, what is the solution?


Well, if you have travertine (or similar), the good news is…we don’t have to change the floors.  But, you may want to dust off your paint rollers!  Color plays a crucial role in how you perceive a space, so using it (or the lack thereof – insert the “color” white here!) to your advantage can make a world of difference.  The wrong colors on the wall or in the furniture can make a space feel dated and unwelcoming but the right ones can totally transform a space!  Whites, grays, and even black (in some cases) have become “popular” again, so why not use it to YOUR advantage?  We all see these “colors” everywhere, which is why we are inclined to perceive it as being modern and fresh, and there is nothing wrong with that (white to me is always a classic)!  Undeniably, when you pair the right “new” tones with the existing elements in your space, you can really update your perspective of that space!  Back to the travertine conversation (or similarly looking/colored flooring)…


The problem previously is that travertine was paired with beige that in many cases…well, there is no easy way to say this…looked yellow.  It coordinates well with the floor, but in the perspective of where we are now, it feels muddy and dated.  Coordinating the wall color with the floor is imperative, so look at the other, not as easily recognized colors in the floor and use that for your wall color.  If you gaze lovingly…I mean, look closely, most travertine has some grays, and whites in them.  Pull from those tones.  You will have undoubtedly updated your look and given yourself a fresh frame of reference for your space!


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(Now, I know the picture is not of travertine, but it is a “beige” colored floor, so you get the idea!)



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