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So…it’s the New Year, people are setting new goals, planning for new endeavors, and dreaming about things to come.  As someone who is creative, I understand the importance of dreaming and allowing your creativity to expand.  If you are going to dream, dream big!  Dreams will stay dreams forever unless you come up with a plan for that dream!


Half the battle when you are a creative person is implementing all of these great ideas when they pop into your head.  A great first step is to write those ideas down in a notebook or something, but when it comes to designing, it may be helpful to take that another step further.  I am talking about coming up with a dream board!


You want to redesign your space, right?  You have been on Pinterest and Instagram perusing photos and coming up with ideas.  You have all of these great pictures saved or liked, so don’t be afraid to go that extra mile and turn it into a collage (which you could do on your computer or in an app on your phone).  Grab your favorite pics and organize them together.  Once they are all in the same place, you will begin to see a vision for the overall look for your space.  Organizing your thoughts into a concise idea truly does help motivate you to begin implementing those ideas too!  Top tip: don’t just add pictures for one room.  Add photos to your collage from all different spaces throughout the home…the kitchen, dining, living…you get the idea!  That way, once they are all organized, you will see if the look is cohesive or not (and if not, it’s time to look for more!).  Plus, it not only helps you get a clearer vision of what you want for your space, but it helps us, as designers, help you define your style!…AND it gives us a great launch pad to take your ideas and turn them up a notch to create a unique space tailored to you!


So go for it!  Take all those photos you have been googly eyed over (pun intended) and organize them into a dream board, bringing you one step closer to the final result of something beautiful and uniquely you!


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(Some Design Inspiration from the 2018 KBIS show!)

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