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I’ve been diving into some wallpaper selections as of late, so I thought, well, let’s talk about some fun ideas since it is Christmas, and let’s face it wallpaper is a lot like beautiful wrapping paper!  We had touched on the subject previously and gave some ideas for placement, but we never delved into some pattern ideas or what we are seeing that was trending as far as designs (this can be “trendy” because it is now getting much easier to change!).


As you all already know, everything has a cycle and at any one point certain fashions, designs, etc. swing back around into the scene, many of which have been given and “updated” twist.  The same goes for wallpaper.  If you have a more traditional home décor setting, may I recommend a modern twist on a classic design?!  Some of the traditional style floral patterns, sometimes with birds, leaves, etc., are coming full turn, but we are seeing the patterns either oversized and exaggerated or re-invented with bold colors (like a black background, instead of white, with blue/white/violet flowers…trust me, it’s cool!).  Another twist on a traditional has been the oversized, intertwined Damask pattern where the colors are closer to tone on tone, rather than in contrast.  This has quite a sophisticated look and can dress up a room in any setting, modern or traditional, like the example in the pic!


Another concept that we are just loving right now are wall coverings that look like murals (or paintings!) once they are installed.  Anyone can purchase a modern, abstract piece of canvas art to hang on the wall, but why not make the entire wall, or room, for that matter, the art instead of just hanging it (insert comment here about a powder room)?!  If the entire space looks like a mural, you will add drama and intrigue, which in turn can add warmth to that same space (anyone ever get a chill when in a space that is TOO modern?).  Plus, it will be a unique feature for your home!


Have Christmas all throughout the year!  Wrap your room with something that makes you smile and feel like you are stepping into a present all year round!


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