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For this week’s professional advice column, LOL, we are going to have a chat about working together.  Well, maybe it will be a bit more about delegation, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  On large and small projects, there are many moving parts that need to come together in order for a project to run smoothly, just like assembling a machine or car in a factory.  On the assembly line, each piece needs to come at the right point in the sequence in order to get a finished product that functions properly, and each station along the line must work with the next in unity to produce that final product.  Though it may not seem to relate, this example closely resembles how a design project must work in order to produce the best possible result!


When working on a project, many times we come up with ideas that may not have been done or built before (or at least in the way we would like to see it, LOL!), which requires collaboration for these elements to flow seamlessly into the design.  Finding the right contact is imperative, and being able to trust them with your vision is paramount.  It is in general “human nature” to feel like you need to take care of every little detail, but, if I may let you in on a little secret, delegating some of the control to the expert in a particular area, for instance carpentry, can prove to be quite beneficial.  Sometimes we get in our heads an idea, we draw it out, get the details all lined up, and then comes the pin to pop our balloon of excitement…”well, that’s not going to work”!  What do you do?  As I alluded to the concept above, it may be better, in some cases, to conceptualize the idea, say for a custom night stand, and leave it to the carpenter to come up with the details.  An expert in their field is also an artist in their own right, so when given the space to create, they may take your idea, expand upon it, and come up with something spectacular (and what a collaboration that becomes)!


The hardest thing to do is to give up control so that the expert in that area can perform in the best manner to produce the best result for their expertise.  It’s always a collaborative effort, and we should be encouraging each other’s strengths and giving them space to flourish because, in the end, when each station on the assembly line has been given the freedom to use their expertise to its full potential, the final result may just blow you away!


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