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Design should be fun!  Take decorating for the holidays.  It brings a sense of joy and warmth to your heart as you add ornaments to your tree, string lights up outside, and listen to Frank Sinatra belt classic holiday tunes.  I mean, this if fun, right?!  So why can’t it be that way every day?


To say that it can be would sound a bit cliché, but I assure you, it most definitely can.  (This may get a little deep and seemingly off topic, but just hang in there 😉 ).  I was reading an article earlier this week about how something negative in the morning can affect/change our whole day and even your week.  This may sound a bit obvious, but the point the author was making is that the negativity gets into our head and influences our attitudes and mood.  Allowing yourself to continue to think about it and harp on it can really make it much worse, and if space is given for the thoughts to grow, it can affect your work, your relationships, and the like.  On the contrary, positive thinking can have the same affect on your thoughts, attitude, and mood as well.  I am going to step out onto a controversial limb here to make this statement…what you allow to influence your attitude is actually a choice!


To pull it full circle, think about how you feel when decorating for the holidays.  You have set your mind at ease to “get into the spirit”, you are allowing yourself to relax, and you have given yourself permission to be in the moment to enjoy that holiday time.  So I charge you with this…why not choose to think positive, push out the negativity, and give your mind room to create!  When you do this you can truly enjoy designing everyday of the year, even when there is much to do!


And it quite easy to be positive when you cherish those around you!  Revel in time with friends and family this holiday season, and continue that all year round!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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