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Remodels are a process and sometimes the reason for certain design elements aren’t so easily apparent, so what may seem like a minor change could have drastic effects on the overall design.  But…that is why you hired a designer, to help you with these changes and guide you into the vision of the overall space!  During a design/drawing phase, certain items can look perfect on paper, but then, once the work begins, and the space starts to be sculpted into the art you were envisioning, you may notice something you want to change.  I am here to tell you that this is OK!  Actually, many times, it works in your favor!


This “hiccup” can happen to anyone, but by keeping your wits about you and thinking creatively, the pressure of a last minute change can actually bring out greatness.  I mean, extreme pressure is how diamonds are created!  So the pressure can create something beautiful (and no, we are just talking about design 😉 ).  Not only that, but when you use this tension to propel you forward, once you have risen above and come up with a solution, the rewarding and accomplished feeling you get as a result is empowering!


Well, one such incident occurred this week where we needed to make a change in a hurry, but it actually made the design even better.  Let’s set the scene…It was dark, dawn was about to break, and the dew of the morning nestled gently on the tips of each blade of grass.  The still of the cool morning brought a sense of calm…oh, sorry, went into novel mode there for a minute!  Here is what we were actually dealing with, LOL!  We needed to move a bar area out of the dining room, due to space constraints.  Being that the only solution was to somehow incorporate this into the kitchen, the heat was on!  The solution?!  Relocate the refrigerator by creating and alcove for it, claiming that space (which was flanked by pantries) for the bar, which allotted plenty of room for the wine cooler plus a lower cabinet (yeah, we stretched the width a bit too), and created room for a dual purpose wine/coffee bar area.  Voila!  Something beautiful and functional blossomed from that pressure!


Just like a last minute decision that happened in this space involving the counter tops…but look at the result!


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