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Hello to all you faithful followers!  So sorry to keep you in suspense regarding a new post!  At this juncture I would like to continue the discussion about lighting so hopefully you find all of these little tid-bits helpful!

Now that I have your attention, and you are at the edge of your seat, I would like to take a moment to apologize if this next part teeters on the side of boring, as I may get a little technical!  The piece posted last year touched on the subject of color temperature, so I want to go a little bit deeper into the details of that subject.  To start, here are some basics…The lower the color temperature of a light or light source, the warmer the projected light will be for the space. The higher the color temperature or Kelvin rating, the cooler or bluer the tone of light will be.

Some lights have burned out in your home and it’s time to find some replacements, so of course you are going to look into LED’s.  Here is where it can get a little bit tricky.  For starters, as mentioned above, you want a lower number for the Kelvin rating, so stick to 2,700k or 3,000k for anything inside your home.  The color of light will be warm, just like we all love which will maintain the coziness for our interior spaces.  If you were lacking in light previously, this is also now the time to bump up the juice.  However, popular to contrary belief, “daylight” replacement bulbs are not actually brighter, AND they can be a detriment to your health.  I know, say it ain’t so!  Here is the deal with “blue” light…to begin with, just because it is blue doesn’t mean it is actually brighter.  If you want brighter lights, look at the Lumen output or delivered Lumens, which quantifies the amount of light coming out of the source.  The higher the number the better (in this case), as the greater number delivers more light.  Secondly (and potentially much more important…here is the health part!), when your eye perceives the blue spectrum of light, your body associates this with day time. When this happens, it “resets” your circadian rhythm which can play with your sleep cycle.  Basically the best thing to do is stay away from these replacement bulbs for inside your home…keep the “daylight” outside.  Just so you know I am not making this up, check it out for yourself via everyone’s favorite search engine (no, it’s not Bing!).

I know this may be a lot to take in, but it’s important!  The overall look of your design depends on it, but if you are having trouble with this aspect too, you know who to call ;)!

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