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Lighting, lighting everywhere…I feel like I am swimming in fixtures this week!  Since I have been buried in lighting design for a large project, I thought it was only fitting that to give the subject another chat, seeing as it has been a while since our last conversation on the matter (June 2016)!

Thomas Edison came up with the concept from which all modern lighting has been designed…the incandescent light bulb (and up until a few years ago, this style of bulb was still widely used!).  This breakthrough in technology revolutionized how people would live.  Lighting and light bulbs became the basis not only for home comfort, but also for many things we enjoy today.  It has been used in a myriad of devices and professional fields, but we can find its’ beginnings with the transformation of popular culture very near its inception…this “new” source of illumination opened up a world yet to be discovered, becoming common place for many things we now tend to take for granted in this day and age.  Things like street lamps and home lighting were viewed as luxuries in these early days.  With the advent of the computers and chip technology, lighting applications furthered the developed for technologies like laptops/TV screens, phones, and digital watches.  These developments further inspired the creation and use of LED technology, which has progressed leaps and bounds, even in just the last few years.  This has now become the go to light source for all of the above mentioned items as well as many other devices.  It’s amazing how far we have come in little over 100 years!

Yes, this is a great little stroll through history (in a Bill and Ted’s sort of way), but you may be asking why did I go through all that background?  For one, I wanted to emphasize just how important lighting is, in order to grab your attention!  And two, in order to segway into how important it can be for your home design!  Without the right lighting, you can essentially take a step back into time, which we don’t want to do!  Lighting is a great tool to bring beauty to a space and accentuate a design, which not only adds drama to a space, but it can also bring warmth and allure that makes you want to snuggle up next to your significant other (and we all know that’s not a bad thing!).

The next time you are envisioning a design, don’t forget about the importance of lighting, as it can not only draw you into a space, but it can also heighten the beauty within your design!

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