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Customizing, breaking the mold, designing something unfamiliar, etc. can occasionally cause drama when working through a remodel, but they are also the aspects that make the difference between good and great design.  When doing something unique, sometimes it requires “adjustments”; it can be in how something is made, or the design in order to have it function correctly, or because of other, unforeseen factors.  The reason I am bringing up this point is because sometimes the item you are having made may not be exactly correct the first time…and that’s ok!  I want to encourage you to not be discouraged!


Let’s just say you have drawn up something or conceptualized an idea that needs to be constructed.  For example, maybe it’s a unique feature with a countertop or a great idea for a modern TV console.  Now, you have spent hours and hours on the design, making it as accurate as humanly possible, but then comes the day of install and it’s not quite right…what happened?  Well, people happened!  When you have a lot of different trades working on the same project and attempting to coordinate with one another, sometimes some things get lost in translation.  Things like walls, because they aren’t always straight (I know…say it ain’t so!), can really throw off other aspects that are extremely accurate like water-jet cut stone countertops (see where we are going with this?).  So what do you do now?


For starters, keeping your cool is key.  Work with all of the trades and individuals involved, and ask their opinion of how to remedy the situation (sometimes you may have to play referee, so be forewarned, LOL!).  They have encountered a multitude of problems in their years of experience, so use this as a tool.  Many portions of the design process require some “on the fly” adjustments, but typically it works out and can sometimes make it even better (case and point…ADITL #35 where we had to make a last minute master bath counter top choice).  No matter how long you have been doing it, there will always be things you can’t predict, so do not fret, my friend!


All of this to say that it’s ok to be flexible and use those around you to help come up with the best solution when encountering a problem…so customize away and make something unique for your space!


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