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A Day in the Life…


This week seems like a good time to Tango (the dance that is)!  It’s the middle of summer, or the endless summer as many Floridians put it, and since it’s a hot, beautiful, and passionate dance, it seems like the perfect time to talk about it.  Now that I have you engaged, but also probably thoroughly confused, please allow me to elaborate!


Much of what we do as designers is comparable to a dance, and in this case, the Tango!  When we first meet, it’s very much like being introduced to a new partner.  After the pleasantries, the getting to know one another begins.  As the dance commences, we take the lead, guiding you around the dance floor of design.  But, this dance also tells a story, and as that story progresses, it develops and changes, building on the adventure and drama for the look that will be your home.  It is the pauses and changes throughout that add to the narrative, increasing not only the refinement of the finished product, but contributing to the artistry of the process.  The passion builds, the beauty showcased, and with abrupt but emotionally filled final steps, the dance reaches its finale with one final move, revealing this amazing product.


At the risk of sounding too serious all of a sudden, the dance hinges on trust, much in the same way as it does with the design process.  If you don’t fully trust your partner to lead, then the dance will not be as beautiful and elegant as it was intended to be.  Trust stems from honesty and integrity, which are the cornerstones for our business, but they are also the building blocks for great design.  I am saying all of this to encourage everyone, much to the chagrin of modern appeasement, to be completely honest throughout the process.  It is this honesty that builds to a “finale” that is as absolutely amazing as it can possibly be.  So, if we don’t make the perfect partners, that’s ok!  This is why we have many different designers!


We are passionate about what we do and love to create something beautiful!  Get ready for us to lead you into that standing ovation!


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