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Needing some extra “oomph” to your place?  Want to add some pizzazz to the design?  Lighting may just be the unique element your space could be missing! With all the new popular phrasing in design nomenclature like “Rustic Modern”, “Farmhouse Modern”, “Industrial Modern” (I mean, how many different modern’s are we going to end up with?), an interesting emergence of some pretty appealing light fixtures and applications have been birthed (can anyone say outdoor commercial string lights?).  Well, what if you aren’t looking to completely change the look of your home, but would like that little “bump” to make it just that much cooler?


Though the design movements above merit a discussion regarding the lighting trends that have become popular as of late, I would like to make a move towards the opposite side of the coin for some ideas that apply to a broader spectrum of design (basically it includes everyone, of course!).  Sometimes it’s the simple changes, additions, and applications that can make the best impact to an existing space, which includes lighting.  Since talking about this subject was sparked from a conversation during a consultation I had earlier this week, I thought this would be the perfect time to chat about it.  Let’s focus on one area though…the “heart” of the home…the kitchen.


Kitchens are great area where you can make a huge impact on how the space “shows” with minimal investment in both time and resources by addressing the lighting (and of course this is the first place people look when buying!).  Do you have existing cabinets that don’t extend all the way to the ceiling?  Why not add some rope lighting to the top on a separate switch to give a pop of visual interest.  Not only does it look cool, it would be a great “night light” feature to have in the middle of the house, especially if you have guests.  Wait…you don’t have room above?  Why not add some under cabinet (or in cabinet) lighting instead.  It is another one of those areas that can add a great punch, and is also a perfect solution to the dreaded dark kitchen many of you may have (and potential buyers like to see these little details when looking to purchase).  Because of the development in LED technology, not only has this become a relatively simple “upgrade”, it is low profile (in case you don’t have trim along the bottom of your cabinets), and it has also become very cost effective in recent years.


No one ever complains about having too much light, so just go for it and add that extra sparkle!


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