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Without further adieu…Every project, no matter if it is large or small, always has unique aspect.  It could be a piece of art, fun wallpaper, a fancy tile, or, as we encourage you to so often do, an idea to a solution for a design dilemma that requires some out of the box thinking.  Times before I have jokingly poked fun at the concept of getting lost perusing the photos on Houzz and Instagram (because we all have done it!); however taking the time to study them from an inspiration point of view can give your mind the freedom to come up with something new.  Such an epiphany of creative energy came as a result of brainstorming via inspiration photos for a project two of our designers were working on together.


Here is bit of background.  As many of you know, condos (or condominiums for those of you who prefer the more proper term for it :)) on or near the beach are a pretty big deal here in Sarasota.  As you can guess, space is limited which is not a problem for most as many like the idea of downsizing and not having the maintenance required when taking care of a single family home.  Plus, the concept of living on the beach for “empty nesters” is quite appealing.  This all sounds good and well, but what happens if you have a larger family, specifically with adult children and their significant others?  Usually the answer would be to have them only come one or two at a time OR set them up in a local, stylish getaway like the Ritz or the Hyatt.  Though this is a viable option, these clients were hoping for a solution that would keep everyone together.  So, here we go; we are about to rip the box wide open…Bunk beds!


Yes!  You read that correctly, bunk beds.  More often than not, the idea of bunk beds is only reserved for younger children, as the immediate reaction is two twin beds, one on top of the other.  Since the bunk bed is a great space saving idea already, why not make them larger to accommodate more guests…let’s make them queen sized instead?!  Not only is this a great solution for condos, but think about this idea for your cabin in the mountains too (can anyone say couples trip?)!  Speaking of ripping the box open, here is the inspiration photo that sparked the conversation!


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