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Sometimes design is about accentuating the conversation pieces…a cool piece of furniture (insert Eames lounge chair here!), an extravagant piece of art, or a unique sculpture.  The challenge that walks hand in hand with this aspect involves editing.  What do I mean?  As I had mentioned in a previous post, you don’t need to fill every corner; sometimes having nothing is the best something to have.  So when you want to display the “piece de resistance”, you want it to be the focal point when you walk into the space.  This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t fill other parts of the room with fun and unique details; it just means you don’t want them to be seen first.  You want the focal piece to draw people into the space, and while there, they begin to discover the other details within the room.  The worst thing you could do would be to add a ridiculously colorful rug that clashes with the art, then an extravagant accent chair, a busy stacked stone that is multi-colored, a sofa with a crazy pattern, wallpaper on the ceiling, faux plants in the corner…you get the idea, LOL!


Let’s just brainstorm for a minute…you have a beautiful piece of art and you know the best place for it would be above the fireplace, but you also have a really cool idea for a modern, linear, asymmetrical design for that fireplace.  What do you do?  Keep it simple!  For example, select a finish on the fireplace that is interesting and yet seamlessly homologizes to the design of the space.  You don’t want the interior architecture to compete with the art for importance…you want to complement and highlight it!  Maybe a nice, light colored stacked stone would be the perfect touch because of its natural, neutral finish (depending on the space…you never know, black brick could also be the right answer!).  This, in turn, would allow the bright colors of the art to stand out.  Just like a magician with the “slide of hand”, the art draws you into the room and once there, you begin to notice how cool the fireplace and other details are as well!


Design is as much about the flow of the space as it is in the art of making it stunning.  Just as a beautiful piece of art draws you into a space by becoming that focal point, the details can also bring direction and movement through the room.  So as you’re designing for the “conversation piece”, think about the overall picture and the journey of discovery within the design!


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