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Yes of course, Interior Design is fun and exciting, but there is a serious side to this as well…thinking how the space will flow, how it will be used, what the furniture will be, where it will be placed, and is there enough room to actually do so, who will do the work, what is the budget, what materials do we want to use, visualizing the final result, and so on.  We know many of you enjoy design, are inspired to pull interior spaces together (woot, woot!), and that you love to look at photos on Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz for inspiration.  So, you then take that inspiration and begin working on your home!  However, there are numerous subtle nuances to the design process that many don’t realize before commencing (like the ones from above, just to mention a few), which can make the task much more challenging than it may initially appear (so basically the nuances aren’t so subtle, LOL!).  In some cases, these nuances have the power to overwhelm, which can bring a project to a crashing halt.  Many get to this point, then something in them says, “Hmm, maybe it would be a good idea to hire a designer”.


Of course, as a design professional, I would agree, but it’s not just because I am a design professional (or should I say we!).  As designers, we have a lot to offer to this design process, which is much more than just managing the project.  Our expertise affords us the perspective by way of our experience to take your vision, turn it into reality, and make it spectacular! (…And, if you have been following these posts, you know a fresh perspective is a great thing ;)).  At this point you may be wondering why I am going through this long intro…it’s because I am setting you up for a question, so here it goes.  When you decide to hire a designer, what is truly the reason for doing so?  Are you looking for someone to be agreeable OR do you want the designer to interject their proficiency on the subject?


Think about that for a minute…if you would like someone to go along with it then you should probably call your best friend (it would save a lot of time and money, LOL)!  However, if you can be open to being nudged outside of your comfort zone, then let’s work together!  We’ll give you our honest perspective on the design, and as you become open to the “push”, we will make your space even more amazing than the pictures and ideas that inspired you!


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