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Kitchens…the first thing people look at when buying a potential future home, they are also the first thing people like to remodel if it isn’t to their taste.  The reason, as many of you know, is that the kitchen becomes the epicenter of the home.  Being that this is the case, designing the aforementioned space can be much more involved than one might think…and it should be catered to the individuals who will be using it most.


There are many different levels to remodeling a kitchen from full custom to inexpensive-off the shelf (yes, I am subliminally talking about Home Depot) and everything in between.  When working with a client, one of the first things we like to do is have them pick the appliances for their space.  For instance, if it is someone who likes to cook a lot, a more commercial style range may be in order.  Not only do these look great, but they also typically take up much more space than the run of the mill residential range, so this can be a crucial piece of information when coming up with a concept.  This gives us a good idea of the direction for the space, whether they are cookers or re-heaters (:)), whether or not they are “sold” on particular appliance package, if that package is within the budget (…if not, we can help find ways to save right from the start), etc.


Going down that rabbit hole, one of the ways to help the budget (if need be) is to take that appliance package and design the kitchen around it with standard box sizes (this is the one time it is OK to think inside the box!).  Doing this means there are many options for cabinet companies, style, type, and so on, which in turn helps with the cost.  Using a standard box size also gives you versatility (it seems counter intuitive, I know), but, if you are looking for a particular feature that one company may offer but want a more “custom” look, without the price that is typically associated with it, you buy the boxes from that company and just have the doors made to your liking (and you can always have wood cabinets painted for a more custom look!).


I hope you enjoyed the designer insight from this week’s installment of “A Day in the Life”.  Cheers!


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