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As we transition from season to season, we update our wardrobes, maybe add some plantings (if going into spring/summer), change the way we drink our coffee (hot to iced, LOL), etc., but often times our interior spaces are neglected…except maybe, of course, around Christmas.  However, just as we change and update our clothes (maybe even our cars – woot, woot for convertible season!), shouldn’t we be thinking of ways to freshen our interior spaces as well?


As we have talked about in previous posts, great design is timeless, so if our “background” is this timeless palette to build from, changing items for the season within that framework won’t look odd or offset the overall design in any way.  Since there are coats for winter and dresses for the summer why couldn’t there be rugs, accent pillows, and the like, to reflect those differing seasons within our home interiors as well (I mean, that is basically our homes wardrobe)?  I am sure that this thought has crossed your mind before, being the creative people that you are who read these posts, so I am here to tell you…let’s do it!


Now to the execution of these ideas…We all have our “comfortable” pillows on our sofas, which typically are neutral or a color to add a pop, but it generally doesn’t move too much outside of that box for most.  So, let’s pick a theme and go from there (especially if you are planning a party)!  Since we will be entering into the summer months very soon (yes, I know I wrote about spring only just last week), why not pick a spot you would like to vacation as that “theme” for your summer design…like Hawaii?  The large banana leaf patterns have become quite popular as of late, even in fashion (like this pattern from Society6 – pictured), so let’s combine that with some other elements, like a modern floral pattern (maybe it resembles a Hawaiian shirt :)), and mix it up with that?!  You could have some fun, colorful, flowery accent pillows for the sofa, a table runner to coordinate, and to bring in the large, oversized leaf pattern, make it the shower curtain or temporary wallpaper in the guest bathroom!  For most, the guest bath serves dual duty as the powder bath, so this is the perfect location to have something fun and funky!


Have fun with design…enjoy exciting and inexpensive ways to transition your home for the changing seasons!


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