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Thinking of a remodel, not sure what to do, and want to hire a designer?  Perfect!  So, now what do you look for? There is this predisposition when it comes to finding the “right” people for your project that you need to find a design professional that only works within in the mold of the style you are hoping to achieve.  However, I charge you with this thought…If you find someone who has designs in multiple genres instead of just one, don’t you feel you may end up with a better result?


The reason I bring up this point is because it deals directly with the human experience…our “default” to gravitate towards what is familiar.  This is not always a bad thing, and in many cases in can encourage a step in the right direction if you are tip-toeing into a realm that you have not treaded through before…like hiring a designer.  Just as with many aspects in life, sometimes we have to step out into the apparent “discomfort” to, in turn, realize the full potential of the situation.  We come upon this discussion a lot, where people really like the work we do, but it isn’t their “style”, so they wonder if we can help them.  I am here to give a bit of promising news; the answer is absolutely yes!  So where do we go from here?


Great designers afford you the flexibility to work within the style you are hoping for, while giving you a fresh point of view for the space that you may have never thought of.  So when you see someone who may have a portfolio of work that isn’t exactly the style you are eager for, it can actually prove to be an asset due to a very important element…a fresh perspective.  Going in this route, instead of the familiar (and dare I say predictable), translates into a design that is exactly what you are hoping for, with the added bonus of a final product that is unique and catered specifically to you!


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