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Trendy or classic…an ongoing discussion when it comes to design…it’s a discussion that can result in more questions than answers. So to avoid the bombardment of questions, why not have both?!  We talk a lot in many of our consultations about why to not go in a “trendy” direction, but there are ways to incorporate these looks without designing yourself into a corner.  Many want to be on the cutting edge of design, with the “newest” things as part of their space (and so do we), but let me tell you how integrate “trends” in a way that can keep your design relevant for many years to come.


The approach to accomplish this feat, while making the most sense for the future (you don’t want to be “out of style” in a few years), is to make the trendy items in your design things that are easily adapted to “what’s in”.  For example, updating items like cabinet pulls, wall colors, and pieces of furniture are relatively easy, in case you change your mind.  However, the more “permanent” items, like cabinets (you can’t go wrong with white!), countertops, and flooring are components that aren’t as easily modified, so design these with a more classic or timeless look.  Great design always splashes in elements from other design styles, but is done so in ways that brings the space together and adds warmth.


Take wood floors, for example.  They have been used for eons, so you know they aren’t going out of style any time soon, so choose a floor style that is timeless.  That way, you can change the wall colors, furniture, pulls, etc. around the “permanent” floors, and go from a traditional design to something modern with the slide of a card 🙂 (which is technically the flick of the wrist!).  This means you don’t have to do something “major” every time you want to mix it up a bit!  (However, if you are the kind of person who likes to “change it up” every few years or so anyways, then these design parameters do not apply to you, so have at it, LOL!)


Design is about versatility… so basically what I am trying to say is that you can have a design that is both classic and trendy!


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