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A Day in the Life…


Our 1 year anniversary for these posts!  Yes, it has been 52 weeks since we officially “started” writing the “Day in the Life” and we have been ecstatic about everyone’s love and support.  How cool is this…thank you!


Now on to what you are all looking for…the Post!  Up for grabs today is a fun splash of humor and information (hopefully the humor comes through, LOL!). On the table for your reading pleasure is the importance of “The Plan”.  I thought this may be the appropriate post for the “Anniversary Issue”, so here it goes.


The importance of having a “Plan” at the beginning of any project, as many of you know, is imperative (well, it would be a bad idea to do a full gut remodel without one)!  However, I am going to take you down a slight detour regarding this plan, because the default thought process typically only seems to apply said plan when someone decides to do their entire home.  I leave you with this thought…don’t you think you should have a plan, or vision (if you will), for your entire home, even if you are only doing one room now?  If your answer is not yes, then we have much to discuss!


Knowing what you want the overall look to be at the beginning means you have less of a chance of making a big mistake as you stroll through the process…for example, picking the wrong granite (which is a regret I hear a lot!).  Even if you don’t want to do it all at once, or if you need to phase a project for whatever reason that may be (location, finances, etc.), knowing before you begin any work what you want the final result to be, points you in the right direction to make the right decisions.


All those “dream boards” you guys are “liking” pictures for are the perfect start.  Take those inspiration shots, narrow down the exact items you want (fixtures, finishes, furniture, colors, paint, etc.), make sure it all goes together, and then have at it because now you have a “Plan” to help you make those right decisions!  So, when you get to the end, you know everything will look great together AND that there won’t be any, “Well, how’d that happen?” moments!


Here’s a good shot to add to your idea book from one of our Dolphin Towers projects!


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