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Feature walls, nowadays, can be a bit passé’.  However, adding a feature TO a wall is not, especially if done in a unique and stylish way.  You may have heard us talk about, or even mention in a post, that we don’t recommend “painting” a feature wall in your home, as it may break up the flow, make the space feel smaller, etc., but there are interesting things that can be done TO the wall that can be very cool.


Much like last weeks’ post, not only can you create something unique by utilizing space that may not be otherwise able to serve a purpose, but you can add a “feature” to give an object or space visual interest, bring your eye through the space, or to just execute a creative idea.  I was at a consultation earlier this week where one such creative idea was imperative.  There were existing built-ins that were quite large and went all the way to the ceiling (probably 15 ft. or so).  What made it look and feel “a bit much” was the mirrored glass all the way from the countertop to the ceiling in each individual section, behind the glass shelving.  You may think, “Wow that’s a good idea to help bounce the light through the space”.  While you would be correct on the technical side, the style was yelling at us a bit from the 1980’s.  Since the client liked having the storage, we came up with an idea to keep the built-ins but bring them into the 21st century by adding a “feature” to replace the mirrored glass.


Considering the client was also looking to update their kitchen, I thought this was the perfect time to repeat an element within the space.  They had chosen a very unique and very cool tile for the backsplash, so in a moment of creativity, we decided to take that same tile and replace the unfashionable mirrors to create a unique feature for their dining room!  And since the shelves were clear glass, you eye would follow that beautiful tile right up to the ceiling!


Looking for an example, are we? Check out this inventive way the floor tile was used at Forest Lakes to move your eye through the space AND add function in the way of a bench for the shower…now this is a cool feature!


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