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Built-ins can sometimes be a scary thing; they are large, bulky, and generally take up a lot of space.  Though the intensions may be good (extra storage, custom look, etc.) in most cases they end up overpowering the space, making it feel more like a cave (you know, really dark woods in rooms with little to no windows?!).  In particular, many built-ins are created as entertainment centers, but end up becoming behemoths that make you feel as though it will swallow the room.  However, if you think outside the box (as I have encouraged you to do so before!), you can conceptualize built-ins that create usability for an area that would otherwise just become wasted space.


This is especially true when it comes to condos.  As many of you know, predominantly in high-rise units, there are undoubtedly areas within the space that must accommodate large columns (I mean, you don’t want your neighbors above falling into your unit!).  So what typically happens is that you either have a large column jutting out into the space in one way, shape, or form…or walls are “thickened” to accommodate the column and create a continuous line.  Either option affords the opportunity for something unique, if you look past the obvious.  Here is what I mean…


I have been working on a project this week, a condo, which seemingly only had one option for where the TV should be placed in the living area.  The way this space had been “defined” wasn’t my favorite, and it didn’t allow for much seating without completely separating that space from the rest of the great room with furniture.  Because the owners wanted a large sectional, additional storage, and to keep the open feel, we came up with this creative solution via built-ins.  Using the depth of the column, we designed a custom bookshelf in a space where no furniture could be placed (because it was basically a hallway), wrapping around one section of it into the living room to give us a TV console.  Since there was a need for both a bookshelf, as well as a console for the TV, why not combine the two into one custom unit (concept pic attached)!  It will not only be unique, but will look very cool, and will maximize some space that otherwise wouldn’t have been used!


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