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Spatial relationships are the key to any great design.  How the pieces of the puzzle fit together are what is constantly in the back of our minds as we are working to create the dynamic spaces you love, as designers.  That little, “eh…I just don’t like that there…,” usually stems from that relationship between two or more objects within a space, whether any of us consciously realize it or not.  Most of the time when we don’t like an item in a particular area, it’s not necessarily because it’s “wrong” but more so that it may not be the right scale.  As is the case many times with a piece of art, especially if it’s too small, when you look at it, you know it’s just not right.


Well…the same can be said about lighting and chandeliers, which was a topic of conversation during a meeting with a client earlier this week.  As we are working together to turn a new build into their home, many of the “builder” grade items needed to be replaced or upgraded to give it a personal touch.  Among such things were wall colors (of course!), pulls for the kitchen, ceiling fans, and naturally light fixtures.  This particular home had a beautiful 2-story tall entry way with a grand staircase, a beautiful and inspiring entry, complete with a thorn in its side…itty-bitty chandeliers measly hanging from chains in the foyer.  Chains, really?!  Having a 1 foot diameter fixture dangling only a few feet down from a 20 foot ceiling, by chains… “That just ain’t right”!  This type of entry, with double tray ceilings, was screaming for something spectacular, so I recommended just that!  Two 6+ foot tall, multi-tiered crystal (or glass) chandeliers was exactly what the space needed…because, proportionally, that is what would fill the right amount of visual area, providing the proper scale, for the ceiling height and its configuration!  Presto change-o!


It was this same concept of proportion and spatial relationship that Jill applied, using two large drum style light fixtures, at differing mounting heights, for the dining area at our Sarasota Country Club project.


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