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Since we had a recent publication in the Herald (woot, woot!), I wanted to chat about one of my favorite little creative ideas we explored with this project.  As is the case with many of our consultations and projects, a lot of our clients are looking for inventive ways to maximize the size of a space, keep it feeling open, and then take these two elements, combine them together, and come up with something unique.  As we all know this can definitely be the most challenging part, however, if you give yourself space to allow your internal creativity to flow, you may end up imagining something that is spectacular.  This was one of those situations where the creativity needed to flow…and as many of the best designs for products, furniture, interiors, etc. are generated out of that need to solve a problem, the idea we came up with for one of the spaces in this condo was no different.


This creative solution was a challenge due to the fact that the internal real estate came at a premium.  It was a small one bedroom, one bathroom unit with a dire need for storage, and as you can imagine the idea was to maximize the space and flow (as mentioned above), while minimizing the amount of area the “necessary” items would take up (i.e. cabinets, shower, appliances, etc.).  To save space in the kitchen (for example), one of the ideas we implemented involved using a 32” refrigerator instead of a 36” refrigerator because, after all, it was a rental (and you don’t need a full size refrigerator).  I know it was only 4”, but that additional space allowed enough room to add a pantry off to one side.  Having that extra 4”, in strategic places, really becomes quite useful…which brings me to that favorite element I mentioned at the beginning.  That same 4” was imperative when it came into play for the bathroom.


In the existing bathroom, the shower was a very small, triangular shaped unit, barely large enough for one person (and no room for your shampoo!).  To maximize the physical and visual space, we utilized glass and the concept of “dual-purpose”.  For the shower, we increased the size physically by making it a rectangle and visually by using a full glass enclosure.  And for the dual purpose element, we carried the counter top into the enclosure by 4” (and there it is!) water falling the end.  This not only helped save some space, but it gave the user room for more than just the shampoo!  Because it combined the shower and vanity, it visually “moved” your eye through the space, making it feel larger (and it just looks really cool, if I do say so myself)!  Moral here…4” can go a long way!


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