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On a scouting mission, of sorts, I found myself perusing the streets of the design district in Miami this week.   With excellent mainline stores like Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Plano and Natuzzi Italia, it was difficult to choose a favorite!  However, one of the things that stuck out most (and maybe it is because it was Miami), were the amount of outdoor furniture stores.  Wow!  And they weren’t full of the “same old” stuff that most places seem to carry.  They were fashionable, cool, and in some cases styled like indoor furniture!  (This, of course, is setting me up for my next point!)


As I mentioned back in October of last year, whether you like it or not, outdoor space is potentially one of the most overlooked in home design.  You want to address the patio with your designer, but they do interiors, you’re not sure if they can help, you start freaking out, and “what do I do” sets in….take a deep breath… Yes we can help (we just don’t do plants, LOL)!  In the previous post I expressed how to bring a cohesive look to indoor and outdoor spaces by using the same materials from the interior to the exterior, specifically the flooring, but, because Miami had these really great outdoor furnishing options, I was inspired to revisit the topic in the form of furniture!


So (as I am sure you can guess where I am going with this), another way to bring the two spaces together is of course, through furnishings.  Though this may seem like an obvious point to be made, the choices for executing the design in this area may not be so clear.  Most “typical” outdoor furniture is, well, ugly.  There it is…I said it!  This is what makes styling the patio space more difficult than you would think, at first glance.   However, you can find great looking outdoor furniture if you are willing to search for it, like this set from Saccaro.  This company (as well as others), offer the same outdoor fabric as an option for their indoor furniture (which is how you can tie the spaces together!)…And if it’s Sunbrella, you don’t have to worry about spills and stains!  This is a win, win for everyone!  But, because this example is so good looking, why not open up those large sliders and use the same furniture inside too (especially if you are on the beach)!


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