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The first thing to think about when designing a home or interior space is WHO are you designing it for?  If the space is for you, then the sky is the limit, so to speak (or maybe the budget :)).  However, if the place you are designing is to be a rental or, better yet, something you intend on selling, the desires/inspiration you may have for that space may need to be redefined into a more generalized vision.  If you have a very specific taste and design around your must haves, it may actually come back to bite you upon rental or resale.  For example, kitchens seem to be the first place people look when searching for a purchase or even a long term rental.  If the kitchen doesn’t have the “pizzazz” from the initial view, then you could be losing potential buyers or renters, even if it has recently been remodeled.  If it was done in such a manner as to a specific taste, say, for dark cabinets, this could actually be a detriment, as it points the design into a very specific direction (which is the conversation that came up in a recent consultation).


So what does it all mean, Basil?  It means that it is ok to design for someone else ONLY if you don’t plan on making the space yours and yours alone (which also means you will probably save money, like on counter tops!).  Making design decisions for potential future buyers that won’t be privy to a purchase for 15-20 years is not what I’m talking about here.  However, designing for something to be rented or sold in a more timely fashion could be a beneficial route.  Catering to a potential buyer, or even to, dare I say a trend (eek), may not be a bad idea.  White cabinetry is a great example, though it may also be deemed as trendy, the look is still classic, so it will also be timeless (see where we are going here?).  And since its white, it will reflect whatever you put next to it, which makes the “sky the limit” for the potential buyer/renter.  Because there are also so many options for white cabinets, you are bound to please the majority of people (as well as find ways to save!).  Have fun with the design…


…Exactly like we did here at one of our Dolphin Tower remodels!


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