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Glass…quite an interesting material, when you stop to take a second (or two) to think about its many uses, can become somewhat overlooked or under-appreciated, at times, because it contains within its properties such a wide range of uses.  Though very popular for mosaic tile black splashes, some of its other uses include (as you all know) windows, shower enclosures, shelves, drinking cups, decanters, tables, light fixtures, and so on…  Some have even taken this amorphous material and turned it into pieces of art!  (Amorphous, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, means that it’s neither a solid nor a liquid…it’s a state of matter between the two.)  Yes, I just jumped into a Reading Rainbow moment there, but, “The more you know…”  Anyways, back on track…


…To the glass J.  Many of us have home offices, some of which are strapped for space.  A lot of times, the tendency is to either use an incredibly large desk, with a hutch on top, and shove it against a wall which takes up a ton of space or, the exact opposite, compromising on the size of the desk, and using one that is too small in an attempt to make it work for the size of the room.  To add to that dilemma, when the desk is too tiny in order to fit into the office space, it usually won’t get used.  This leads to setting up shop in the dining room at the table because, well, it’s much larger.  So, since you are using a dining table anyways, why not move it into the office (as am sure you can guess at this point, I am going to recommend using a glass dining table as a desk).  But instead of the typical wood variety, why not use a glass dining table…as a desk (there it is)!  The benefits include…large surface area, great work area, and because you can see through it, visually it doesn’t take up any space at all!


A glass table for a desk is the perfect solution for a small space (or any space for that matter)!


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(Photo of MILES by Giulio Mancini)

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