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Inspiration is where it is at, and keeping yourself inspired is crucial, especially when you are in any sort of creative business.  Sometimes taking the time out visiting new places, or going to trade shows can be great ways to gain inspiration and see new products.  Not only that, but many times you have the opportunity to see unique, creative ways to pull things together (yes, Instagram also, but we all know you guys can get buried looking at pictures and spend too much time in that app!).  Visiting such events like trade shows can be overwhelming with the vast amount of manufacturers and booths, but it is an excellent way to see new products and materials in person (and not just on your computer screen)!  Plus you are around others in the industry, and the more you can be around your peers, creativity will flow, imagination well be sparked, and new things that haven’t been done before develop within the atmosphere of creative goodness!


While on the subject :)…there was one such product (among many) that peeked our interest at the kitchen and bath show (KBIS) in Orlando this week.  Always on the prowl for inspired design ideas, we came across this tile that we absolutely fell in love with (and because of the products design versatility, it can be used in a multitude of design genres)!  Stepping out from the typical 2-D universe and into the realm of 3-D can be a challenge, but when you find creative ways to add texture to a space with multi-dimensional elements, such as this tile from @AnnSacks (pictured), it creates a dynamic which reels in the viewer.


Not only is adding texture a good way to add warmth to your design, but, like this example, combining it with light just gives you an extra layer of that warmth.  Furthermore, combining light, texture, and natural elements are all great ways to cozy up a space, so why not blend all three.  Try adding a natural element to this archetype through interjecting hanging air plants,  and it will give you that third component, which simultaneously adds some color while bringing the outside in (which is always great…merging indoor and outdoor spaces)!


So go for it…step out and exercise your inspired creativity!


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