A Day in the Life 38

Let’s start off the New Year with something dramatic, timeless, beautiful, mysterious, handsome… sorry, got a little carried away there for a minute…I’m talking about slate!  Natural stone has always been a staple in design, and when used smartly, we end up with an enduring look that will stand the test of time.  When most people think of natural stone, however, their immediate reaction is marble because it’s…well…everywhere and not to slate.  And I say, why not?!  It is versatile, durable, and looks great not only inside the home but outdoors as well!  It comes in many different options  not only with color and variation, but size, cut, style (tile, flagstone, etc.) which means it can be used in a myriad of settings (modern, traditional, contemporary…just to name a few J).  So let’s run with slate in the New Year!


The reason for the “hurrah” for slate is because of a wonderful consultation I had this week with a couple who was renovating a home from the middle of the century…which they purchased from the original owners (yes, you heard that correctly)!  There were a couple of different “styles” creeping throughout the home, but these clients really like the modern and mid-century modern palettes.  Since the home was built in this “mid-century” time frame, it only seemed appropriate to recommend slate for the flooring downstairs (which the wife absolutely loves!).  It was not only commonly used in this era, but, as I mentioned above, it will be a timeless look!  Plus, since they have a rear deck to which they are adding a pool, the slate can be carried right outside.  It will not only expand the interior space but it will also bring the outdoors in (and merging the two spaces is always appealing)!


Remember in my last post when I suggested trying something new?  Well here ya go…find fun and creative ways to “slate it up”!


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