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A Day in the Life…

As the year is coming to a close, and we reflect on design trends, here are a few of our top picks (which of course may correlate with a few other articles out there, lol).

Black stainless…growing in popularity, it has now become a design staple. This is a great alternative to regular stainless and looks amazing in just about any setting (especially if you have black cabinets in your kitchen!). We love the way this looks which is why it’s a top pick for us this year.

Fireplaces also seem to be making a comeback but more for style, getting away from the mess of the wood burning option (at least here in Florida). You still reap the benefits of warmth while creating a cozy setting to gather with friends and family. There is just that “something” about having a fireplace that makes it feel like “home”.

Also jumping back in the pool is gold, but not in the traditional sense (and definitely not polished!). Matte gold accents when paired with the right elements can add a splash of color to a space and give it some warmth. Pairing it with dark woods or a natural stone like marble gives a nice, classy touch to your room (just don’t go overboard   ).

And finally, to add some fun to the mix, let’s make a Design Resolution…Step outside the box, do something different, keep it simple, and enjoy the journey through your design story!

Happy New Year everyone!


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