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Occasionally during a project, a decision you thought was final and done, needs to be revisited for any number of reasons.  Material is no longer available, the fabric you chose isn’t made any longer, etc…all things that unfortunately cannot not be anticipated, but when the “issues” surface, it’s usually a decision that must be made of right away.  Many may see that as a set-back, but for us, we see it as an opportunity.  When life throws things at us like this, our reaction to it will determine the outcome.  We have realized that when this occurs, it usually is for a reason, and more often than not, the “forced” decision to reselect actually turns into something great!


We had a few of these situations pop up during our adventures this week, but there was one in particular that really stood out for us.  It involved the countertops for a master bathroom at one of our remodel projects. The back story…we had originally selected a beautiful piece of “Blue Sky” granite to complement the Sahara Carrera marble we were installing throughout.  However, during the fabrication process, the unfortunate outcome became a pile of rubble…eeek!  The material was literally breaking apart into small pieces as they were attempting to cut it.  Being that there were no other slabs to be found, we had to call an emergency meeting at our favorite fabricator to remedy the situation.  This turned into a blessing, because the replacement stone we found ended up pairing with the marble almost perfectly, and the new choice just looks incredible!  Perspective…when these things come up (as they often do) see it as an opportunity to find something amazing!


Here is a pic of the two pieces of the marble paired with the new counters…exquisite!


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