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Back in September I was chatting a bit about maximizing your space and redefining areas to meet your needs.   Basically, the idea was to not fall into the trap of designing your home according to what the floor plan “says” it should be.  Just because it says “dining room” doesn’t mean you have to make it a dining room. Granted, sometimes the space does dictate the layout (like if you are renting), but when you have the opportunity to reconfigure it, you can really be creative with your design!  Here’s what I mean.

I was at a consultation earlier this week for a small condo where the owner wanted to redesign the kitchen to make it more functional. It wasn’t a large space to begin with and it was closed off to the living area with a couple of walls, so the original layout created a lot of wasted space. The challenge was that there happened to be a large window in a corner which was too low to have cabinets beneath, so the original kitchen just stopped about 3 feet from the window (insert hand on forehead emoji here!). However, there is a solution! Carry the kitchen into and around the corner by dropping it down to create a bench for a breakfast area and take out the interfering walls to create an island. This, in turn, afforded us the opportunity to create an eat-in kitchen, a large island with counter stools (because it does need to be all the same height!), and redefine the current dining space as a multifunctional office area! (Similar to what we decided to do for the kitchen at One Watergate in the pic; here we were able to double the size of the dining area by removing some walls 🙂 )

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