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A Day in the Life…

Ah…the holidays, one of my favorite times of year.  The nostalgia, the joy, the giving always puts me in a good mood, and I just love the music!  As we reminisce about some of our most favorite songs for the holiday season, many are from guys like Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Louis Armstrong.  For those who still have record players, the vinyl from these icons come out of their sleeves, and the beautiful sound of that music mixed with the quintessential noise of the crackling from the needle come barreling through our speakers (or phonograph, if you have managed to hang onto one all these years!).  Though there is nothing like the sound of the classic tones coming from a vinyl record and no replacement for that beautiful resonance, thankfully the vinyl floor coverings of old didn’t hold the same luster.  However, as of recently, they are making a comeback.


In its two iterations as mentioned above, vinyl is not only a holding a positive place in our memories from the wonderful musical pleasure of the past, but it now is also creating encouraging new memories to replace the terrible one’s of Christmas past consisting of interesting smells and horrible green fake marble repeating patterns (yes, linoleum is what you are thinking of and no it’s not the same thing).  Because of its stylish and eco friendly reiteration, it not only has it become very good looking, but it is also “soft” to walk on with its’ cork backing and it’s incredibly durable.  Investor alert: this is becoming a great alternative for rental properties!


Just as I encouraged a few weeks back to begin having fun again with wallpaper, it’s time to take another look at vinyl flooring!

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