A Day in the Life 32

A Day in the Life…

Thanksgiving has just past, but I think it’s always good to be thankful, no matter what the day or season.  Being thankful projects positivity, which in turn breeds happiness and helps clear your mind of clutter (basically, the crap that life tries to throw at you ceases to affect you, LOL).  When you are thankful, not only do you approach life with optimism, but it creates a healthy environment in which you can flourish as an individual (and in this case, a designer :)).

With that as the prelude, I just want to take this opportunity to offer my thanks to those who help make what we do possible, especially for those designers who have gone before us and forged the path and made this industry what it is today!  I am also incredibly thankful for those who turn our vision into reality…our contractors, industry suppliers, all those we have built professional relationships with (yes, furniture, fabrics and drapes; we didn’t forget you!)…thank you.  To all of our clients, thanks for the opportunity to make your spaces works of art and for giving us the freedom to dream and create beautiful homes for you!  Last but not least, I want to thank my colleagues…nay, my friends…who I work closely with.  Thanks for all you’ve done, for all your support, encouragement, for being amazing designers and down-right awesome people…Thank you!

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