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Yes…wallpaper is coming back, but it’s not the cheesy patterns that may be making you cringe when you hear that word.  I’m talking about colors and patterns that are cool and add drama to a space.  I had a few conversations about the subject in multiple consultations this week, so it seems appropriate to talk about it!


Growing again in popularity, these wall coverings are a lot more interesting then what you may be used to…not just the scary stripes from grandma’s house.  There are some really great designs, with a lot of style, begging to be used in your home. So, don’t be afraid of it!  Where may be the question you are asking yourself at this juncture, so here is an example or two of locations you can experiment with if you may be on the fence about making the leap “back” to wall paper.


Tray ceilings are a great place where you can use a minimal amount but it’s an area that will have a huge impact (sidebar: wood is also a cool alternative in these areas).  Many new builds have these ceilings in three key areas…the entry, den, and living room…and since it’s good to repeat things in threes, this is the perfect place.  The wallpaper choice could be as simple as a color backed grass cloth to add some warmth or as dramatic as a monochromatic Damask pattern.  If this is too much of a leap, then what about a powder bath (or guest bath) as an alternative?  Since this area is used primarily by company, make this fun and pick a boisterous pattern that’s outside of the box.  If it makes you or your guests smile when they walk in, then it’s a job well done!


Have fun with wallpaper again!


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