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Coming down to the wire on a project with a hard deadline will present some challenges.  Running around town, finding the finishing touches, and looking for that last perfect piece for one wall that you have been trying to find for months can be a bit stressful.  But the silver lining is always seeing the look come together…the vision becoming a reality.  The last minute “hiccups”, however, will sometimes rear their ugly heads in an attempt to discourage, but the best way to keep from traveling down that road is to stay positive!


As I am sure you can guess, one such project with the aforementioned hiccup occurred for me (and the client) this week.  When almost finished, the men installing the last few replacement windows found a problem that was just a hair on the minor side of major.  The short version is, when they removed the existing windows, they were left with wood chips instead of framing for the new ones (yes, it was rotted).  The team rallied, tearing out drywall (which was already painted and ready to go), reframing the openings, making the necessary repairs…cranking them out in just two days!  All the while this was going on, I was thinking to myself, “Stay on track with what you need to finish, this will be fixed, they will get it done, and we will have what we need by our deadline”.  Not only is this important for your own sanity (trust me!), but it will keep you level headed.  That attitude will spill out through encouragement, which translates into motivating for your team through the “crisis” (as opposed to the opposite!).


Keeping your cool amidst the pressure will render something beautiful!


(Here is a sneak peek…)

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