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So…you’re sitting on the sofa and thinking about last week’s post about beige (I know it may be a stretch, but go with me on thisJ).  You look up and realize you are surrounded by a sea of beige, wanting color and not knowing what to do.  Now the question arises, “What color should I use to begin my color story?”  Simple…look at what’s already around you in the space!  Let me explain…


I was at a consultation this week where this “dilemma” (of sorts) came up in our conversation.  To give you a bit of background on the subject in question, the owners bought a condo almost completely furnished.  The furniture was in good to great condition, but the space felt dated.  Why, you may ask?  The walls were peach (not beige, but you get the idea) and the living room furniture was teal leather (yes, 1992 called and they do want their colors back, LOL).  Since the space would be rented, we wanted to find a solution that reused what was existing.  As I’m sure you guessed…paint the walls of course!  Pull your color ideas or inspiration from items that may already be in the room, like art, accent pillows, drapes, bed spreads, etc.  In this case I honed in on a nice contemporary accent pillow which contained colors like teal, green, yellow, and dark blue (of course I recommended the dark blue).  These colors combined together are popular right now, so this was the perfect solution!  It will update the look (I mean it’s a perfect combination for a beach condo, right?!), give the room a fresh perspective, and it will add drama to the space by using a darker color!


Sometimes the best solutions end up being the simplest!

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