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The struggle many people have when buying a home or moving into a fresh build is making it feel like their own. A main contributing factor to this perceived difficulty is the overwhelming sea of beige used to make the space “neutral” for new buyers. Unfortunately for many, it’s hard to crawl out of the beige box in order to think outside of it, which translates into an “Achilles heel” of sorts when attempting to make the space their own. This sometimes pigeon holes the owner into thinking that they have to stick to the beige which in turn influences many into purchasing brown or beige furniture to “match”. Have no fear, there is a solution…color!

People want others to walk in and for their home to showcase their personality, much in the same way the car you drive can have the same reflection. The best way to do this is through adding color (and don’t be afraid of using deep, rich tones…that’s what sets it apart!). Find a color story that “speaks” to you and makes YOU have the “warm and fuzzies” inside. It’s your home, don’t design it for the next person! Make it what you want; don’t be afraid to tell YOUR color story and remove the beige!

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