A Day in the Life 26

The challenge…a rental unit, small bedroom, in need of storage.  The client would really like to have a dresser, but realistically there isn’t any room, so what do you do?  I wrote a few weeks back regarding maximizing your vertical space, but that’s not the only area that can be “improved” upon.  Now it’s time to get low…as in B-E-LOW the bed, which is another grossly underused space (and yes, in some cases it can literally be gross!).  Before stating the obvious, let’s break it down…


Dressers have 4 to 6 drawers and are typically used for socks, t-shirts, unmentionables, etc., so why not use a storage bed (just don’t get an ugly one, LOL)?!  This is a great space saving solution that also allows you to free up floor space for other, more “important” things.  Most storage beds are technically platform beds, which most mattress companies surprisingly seem to prefer these days.  On top of the favorable rapport from the mattress store, most storage beds have 4 to 6 drawers (some even have more!).  Sounds like a dresser (and a perfect solution) to me!  Just because it’s attached to the bed doesn’t mean you can’t use it like a dresser (remember how we talked about “redefining spaces” to meet your needs in a previous post as well…same idea!).  Like a transformer, these serve double duty, not just for sleep but for keeping your “stuff” organized.  So instead of a dresser, maybe now you can have a comfortable chair to sit in a read a book…Enjoy 😉


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