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Outdoor spaces…often overlooked, but they have a huge impact on your home.  Most people when looking for a new place (whether or not they realize it), will have their opinion swayed based upon what the outdoor space looks like.  Even though most of us don’t use them as much as we had hoped (myself included), putting in the effort to design and outdoor area is well worth it.  Not only will it make you feel good when you look out the back doors and see a really cool fire pit or garden, but it can also add value if you want to sell.


I was reading an article this week that involved making improvements to your home just like this.  Yes, a fresh coat of paint and/or changing the color can always brighten a space and “add value”, but many forget the importance of the exterior.  Ok, ok…we are interior designers, I know, but if the whole experience (the outdoors included) doesn’t flow together, the experience can be diminished…and we don’t want that!  Utilizing the outdoors as part of the overall space and look, will not only add value, but it can visually add square footage to your home.  This doesn’t just apply to green space either.  For example, here in Florida we have a lot of amazing condos near the beach, with great balconies (and some of them are HUGE, Caroline, HUGE…Sorry, I couldn’t resist, LOL!).  One of the best ways to “include” this space as part of the home is to carry the same flooring right onto the balcony.  Wait, you have wood?!  Find a wood look porcelain tile to match and boom…done!  Now you’ve created a cohesive look, expanded your space, and created a seamless transition from indoors to out!


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