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Sometimes the best color for your new space is…well…no color at all!  When in doubt, white it out!  When moving, sometimes the colors in the home from the previous owner can throw you off your game.  I know, I know…white seems so non-descript, however, in some cases, it can actually be the best solution for the space because it goes with everything and reflects whatever you put with it.  It gives you the opportunity to design from a neutral palette so you can bring in as much or as little color you want.


Take one of our consultations we had this week.  Our clients recently purchased a new property, unfurnished.  The previous owners had done some remodeling, not necessarily to the taste of our clients, but the finishes were nice and it had been done recently.  Since this is going to be a temporary residence for the time being, there is no reason to “rip” it all out and start afresh.  There were nice travertine floors throughout, complimented with marble in the bathrooms and neutral granites in the kitchen.  However, the walls were “splattered” with color that screamed typical Florida “beachy”.  Because the hard surfaces throughout were in the beiges (which yes, can be considered a neutral), why not give create a neutral palette and paint the walls white?  Not only will it brighten the space, but it will pull from the white tones in the natural stone, and it will make the space feel larger (especially with low ceilings, as was the case here).  By doing this, it gives a modern touch to the generally traditional style of the travertine, and it means the world of furniture, finishes (like a backsplash!), and artwork can become the paint brush to which you apply color to your fresh, white canvas.


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