A Day in the Life 21

If you are willing to continually be a student, your surroundings can be your teacher. In my travels, it’s been amazing to see the different design styles that are popular to other areas. Canada, though not technically European, might as well be part of it because it carries a lot of design inspiration from that region (and, well, they speak French so that just adds to the flair!). A modern approach to design seems to be more widely embraced here (which I love), and thankfully it’s finally being more readily embraced in the states, including our area (little old Sarasota 🙂 ). The modern architecture, flat roofs, and clean lines with small juts for balconies is so inspiring and I am excited to see it all come together with differing materials…like brick, stone, wood…it’s in the combination of materials that not only keeps it modern but maintains a sense of warmth that is inviting.


Even amidst all of the modern design, there is still an underlying theme which translates across the board…adding this warmth to the space in order to create an inviting atmosphere. Bringing in this warmth is key in order to offset the “cold” nature of modern design. The best way to do this is to add something “natural” to a space like wood and can be as easy as using a cool conversation piece like this beautiful teak and glass table I found here in Canada!


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